The art of Storytelling 101
an online express course
from director / scriptwriter Leo Zbanke

JUNE 28 - JULY 9
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Creative development (removing the "writers block" and the fear of "the blank page", developing creating writing skills)
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"Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but the stories you tell"
– Seth Godin

I realized the power of storytelling way before I knew the meaning of this word.

It was the summer of 1996 when I arrived with my mom in Russia without any language skills or understanding of how to live in my new reality. This reality turned out to be cruel, full of abuse and violence.

For years, I was struggling to survive. There were moments of despair when I was feeling on the edge in these moments I started to write. I was writing short novels and essays, releasing my inner unexpressed pain on paper. I was trying to give sense to what I was experiencing by putting it into words.

Life is a constant process of creating, re-creating, and deconstructing the stories that surround us. Some people get sucked in a certain narrative and can not find the way back to themselves. So people use the narrative to justify their acts.

There are different types of narrative:

  • we tell a story to ourselves about who we are and where we are coming from
  • we tell stories about others
  • we are told stories about the world, ourselves, and others
From these intertwined narratives, we create our reality. The good news is, we can change the narrative that creates a new reality.

For the last five years, I teach people and organizations to tell effective stories. To understand the value of storytelling and use this power to empower themselves, young people, employees, and so on. Storytelling is a powerful transformative tool. Storytelling is a versatile tool that you can use in many aspects of your life. Storytelling is about creating a strong emotional bond with your" audience ".

So if you want to develop storytelling skills I invite you to join my "Art of storytelling 101" course now.

director, screenwriter, trainer
Course author: Leo Zbanke
Since 2008, he has worked with various Russian and international media such as BBC Radio 4, KBS( Korean Broadcasting System), STS-media, TNT-media

Has a Master degree in Social Psychology

Graduated from The Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography
with the degree in Film Directing

A graduate of the Erickson Coaching International

Director / screenwriter / producer of four short films

Trainer, author of Erasmus + training courses on storytelling, media literacy, and audiovisual tools.

Strategic Consultant for PAIGC Election Campaign
in Guinea-Bissau 2019

Co-author of the feature film "The Flow" (with Taya Zubova)
Teaches in six languages
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The online course "The art of storytelling"
The online course "The art of storytelling" + 1 month of mentoring from Leo
"Child,' said the Lion, 'I am telling you your story, not hers. No one is told any story but their own."

― C.S. Lewis,The Horse and His Boy


Getting to know each other

What is storytelling

What makes a good story

Dramatic structure of a story

Home work

The power of personal storytelling

Types of personal storytelling

Levels of conflict

Home work


Storytelling for social networks

Storytelling structure for different social networks

Home work

Buyers persona

Storytelling in advertisement

Home work


How to tell stories without words

Photo storytelling

Video storytelling

Audio storytelling

Home work

Future of storytelling

VR and AR storytelling

Interactive storytelling

Final work
Tell exciting stories that everyone will listen

Integrate storytelling skills in your professional and personal life

Use storytelling as a personal empowering tool
Use storytelling as a marketing tool
What will you learn:
Successful cases
After a training on "Digital Storytelling " in Strasbourg. The nongovernmental organisation R-newt (the Nedherlands) in 2019 launched a TV channel made entirely by the efforts of local youth. Also in the city of Dordrecht was held a film festival with the best works.
After the training on "Photo storytelling for a refugees" in Strasbourg (France), a photo exhibition entitled "Invisible Strasbourg" was held in 2017, where 40 photographic works of graduates were presented.
Conducted a series of trainings for people who lost their jobs on "Positive rewriting your story" organised by the NGO Activ'Action (Strasbourg, France).

The result for the participants was an increase in self-confidence and finding a new job.
Conducted a number of trainings on "Scriptwriting and Audiovisual tools" with teenagers in schools in Denmark and France. The result was their short videos filmed and edited a short video story ( 1-4 minutes).
Participated in the planning of the audiovisual election campaign in Guinea-Bissau. The PAIGC party I worked with won the 2019 elections.
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