raising funds for the documentary
Territory Without War
real-life stories of Ukrainian refugees, Russian and Belarusian immigrants living in the Pristanište Foundation in Montenegro
raising funds for the documentar
Territory Without War
real-life stories of Ukrainian refugees, Russian and Belarusian immigrants living in the Pristanište Foundation in Montenegro
Personal statement:
Hi, I am Taya Zubova - a film director and an immigrant.

The moment the Russian army invaded Ukrainian territory I decided to make an anti-war movie. I am interested in how the lives of "new immigrants" keep changing alongside unfolding tragedy. I myself was forced to leave Russia. I also lost my home. I experienced and still experiencing heart-breaking things each of my characters went through.

At this moment I am raising funds to edit the movie "Territory Without War" (*work title) telling an appealing story of how refugees from Ukraine and forced immigrants from Russia and Belarus support each other while living together in the Pristanište community in Montenegro.
What has been done so far:
In January 2023, we filmed the initial source material: 10 stories of our characters in Pristanište. Many volunteers actively assisted the filmmaking process and were of tremendous help. In November 2022, while screening my first movie "The Trauma of Being a Witness" I met Pristanište community members. This project stole my heart. When I saw people's genuine care and forgiveness, I realized I had to turn it into a movie.

In December 2022, friends of mine – Oksana Blagodaryova (the author of "Kamon" Telegram channel & doc) and Pasha Uluru - supported the launch of the new movie filming process with their personal donations.

In January 2023 I, Pasha – the cameraman, and Ilya – the cameraman assistant – filmed the source material: 10 stories of our heroes in Pristanište. An innumerable number of volunteers actively assisted the filmmaking process and were of immeasurable help.

I am personally grateful to every single person who supported the movie with his or her funds, time, and incredibly loving hearts!
What we currently need funds for:
We are raising funds for film editing. It will last from 10 to 12 weeks. Funds will help pay the editor, the studio rent, and the equipment. As soon as the first cut is ready, I will show it to festival distributors and do the pitching. That way I can draw attention to the film and find the rest of the money to release the documentary.

Only with your help, this movie will be released on time. I believe it will provide moral support to a large number of people.
Some shots from the upcoming documentary:
Why this movie has to be shown:
For last 4 months, I have been traveling the world with screenings of my first film, "The Trauma of Being a Witness". I have visited 8 countries and 15 cities. I see how people are tired of talking about the war and its consequences, constantly rising food and gas prices, losses and grief.

I witness how the voices of those who believe that it is time to give Ukraine to the leadership of Russia are getting louder.

My new movie is going to show European viewers how monstrous the result of such a choice in favor of the Russian government can be. The movie will remind us the horror this war brought into the lives of ordinary Ukrainians. It will be a testament to future generations.
Future viewers:
For European audience:
this movie might be valuable because it shows real stories of real people.

For Russian and Belarusian audiences:

this movie will help answer the question of what you can personally do now to stop the war.

For Ukrainian audience:
this movie will show that not all Russians support the war. There are those you can build a trust with.

For Pristanište Foundation:
this movie will help bring donations and show what a significant role the foundation plays in the lives of refugees and immigrants from different countries.

For me personally:
documenting and covering anti-war and social topics is my mission, my personal contribution to creating// non-violence// ending the war.

Photographs from "The Trauma of Being a Witness" (my first movie) in different countries:
If you, like me, believe that a dialogue between people - through respect, mutual support, simple human values, and love is possible – come along!

Take part in fundraising for this movie! Any amount will bring us closer to our goal!

P.S. The platform warns that there might be a slight delay in the display of receipts to the film account.
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